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I will show you what true nerdiness is.
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 09:32 AM (240 Views)
Marauding Captain

Hello! I am an Internet weirdo. It’s nice to meet you.

I started making gaming videos ten years ago. Initially I made crappy machinima films inspired by Red vs. Blue, but eventually found that I had more fun just commenting on the games themselves. Unfortunately, most of my old videos are gone now. I deleted my old channel when I was briefly interested in a career where having them floating around the Internet might have been inappropriate.

I haven’t put out much content for a couple of years now. But, now my long-time girlfriend is interested in Let’s Play, so it is becoming something that we do together.

Now, to answer the generic questions from y’all’s sticky thread:

What's your age and where do you live? I am 26 years old and love in Alabama.

What Video Games do you like? Mostly shooters and action games. Violence is my anti-drug.

What other hobbies do you have? I play tabletop RPG’s as well.

Any career choices? I help poor people afford medicine, because in this dystopian hellscape we call America that is somehow still a problem.

Favorite movies? Anything with naked boobs in it, really.

What got you into this hobby? This is going to sound weird, but I stumbled across one of Retsupurae’s videos where they were making fun of another Let’s Player. I had not heard of Let’s Play before that, but was curious and sought out some actual Let’s Plays to watch.

What made you want to join our community? Uploading a video to YouTube nowadays is like trying to have a conversation with an empty black void. Hopefully by bringing my videos onto a forum, I can get at least some sort of interaction with other gamers.

Anybody here you know? I used to post on letsplayforum.net under the name “Moonmover,” so maybe a few of you recognize me from that.
Edited by Marauding Captain, Apr 16 2018, 09:32 AM.
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The Adjudicator

Marauding Captain
Apr 16 2018, 09:32 AM
Favorite movies? Anything with naked boobs in it, really.
I can tell everything will be excellent here. All the other stuff is irrelevant, buried under a pile of rubble. This is what makes Shaquille Burd a giraffe.

You tickle my harp.

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Welcome aboard, were all weirdos here.
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