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LPS Giveaway Event - tentative (2018); Date/time tentative: Apr 27, 3pm (EDT/GMT-4)
Topic Started: Jan 2 2018, 11:11 PM (399 Views)
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The tough critic

The Sanctuary has entered a new year. It's the fresh new year of 2018. We've been pretty quiet as of late, and I haven't had much time for LPS gaming stuff.

Something I've been thinking of doing is a game giveaway stream over the LPS Twitch channel. This is tentative, and I'm still deciding on what games (multiplayer or single-player) we'll be playing during the stream. I'm also getting together a list of separate game keys for the giveaway. Once that's all figured out, I think we'll be gold for the event.

Here are some tentative guidelines for the event itself and the giveaway. These are subject to change, at which point I'll edit the guidelines in this post:
  • Rules for Sanctuary conduct apply. Above all else, everyone is to respect other Sanctuary users. Violating this rule will lock you out of any current and future giveaways. Play nice.
  • Games played during the event will depend on how interested I and any others who show up are in playing them. Ultimately, I just want to have fun and shitpost within reason. So, games are TBD.
  • Games given away are going to be a mystery. I don't care what games I'm going to give away, but I tend to look for really dirt cheap deals.
  • To be eligible for the giveaways, you must be in good standing with the community (i.e. not banned, don't break stream rules) and be present when your name is called out in chat.
  • I expect these will be game keys for Steam. I'll let folks know if anything happens otherwise.
  • I do not know at this time if these giveaways will be a regular thing. Giveaways depend on how many giveaway codes I have and how willing I am to stream for LPS.

Again, this is entirely tentative. It'd be cool to do at least one giveaway this year, but we'll see what happens.
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The tough critic

Alright, I've collected a few game codes and am aiming to do a giveaway before the end of April. Stay tuned for more details.

With my schedule, weekends are a no-go. It'll have to be during a weekday, and I'm running on EDT. Since UTC is a myth that does not exist, the GMT equivalent is GMT-4. Feel the burn fellas...feel the burn.

Whatever game I'm playing on stream must pass the "GreatTreeJam seal of approval." The games must actually be good games. That means Kane and Luncheon 2 and Mario games must be barred from ever existing in this universe...or the next. The games I play must be of a superior race, genetically engineered to bring down Nintendo and its ilk.

More details and insults to come...prepare for the toggling.
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The tough critic

Well...we've hit a snag.

I've been unable to find a good time to stream. With me having jury duty during May, there is a chance that I will have to postpone our first giveaway this year.

The only other option would be to schedule a giveaway on April 27th, but I'm unsure how well this day will work. So...here's what will happen:

Tentative giveaway stream
April 27th
3:00pm EDT (GMT-4)

This time is subject to change at any time and any moment. I may have to postpone it, so be prepared for any last-minute cancellations. Ideally, however, we might be able to get in one giveaway before the end of this April.
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