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Let's Play Submission Guidelines
Topic Started: Nov 26 2017, 04:24 PM (209 Views)
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Let's Play Submission Guidelines
Hey there everyone, we know you're excited to share your let's plays with the world, and this is indeed the place to do it!
However, to prevent people just spamming away we have a couple of rules set in place here that we'd like to ask you to follow.
Keep in mind that the Global Board Rules apply here as well.

#1 - You must have 10 posts on the forum.
Become part of the community first, don't just come here to plug your stuff. Without 10 posts you get an error trying to make the topic.

#2 - Topic title should clearly contain the video game's name.
The most important thing to know is what game you're playing, so start with that. This makes it easy to find a let's play of a specific game.

#3 - Your post must be high-effort.
We don't want to see anyone just spam a bunch of links in a post: put some effort in. We suggest sharing a link to the first episode and the playlist, as well as some information on what the game is about in the opening post. Try to add a sentence or two about every episode you share when you update, don't just post a link and leave again.

#4 - One topic per Let's Play.
Do not create a new topic every time you post a new part. You can create one topic per let's play. Do not post multiple let's plays in the same topic either. Basically, every game you play should get it's own dedicated topic.

Please keep in mind that not following the Submission Guidelines can get your thread removed.
Repeated offense can get your advertising rights taken away altogether.

We've done our best to keep it simple, so use common sense when interpreting these rules.
If anything is unclear, feel free to ask a staff member for clarification.
Happy posting!
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