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What was the first game you ever owned?; Not played, but owned
Topic Started: Feb 6 2017, 12:26 PM (866 Views)
Member Avatar
What was the first ever video game that you actually owned? Something that you could play whenever you wanted without having to go to a friends house or something.

For me, it was Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. My Grandmother bought it for my dad and my dad and I would play it together. I still have yet to beat the game in 17 years, its so hard!
looking back at the game now I'm surprised I was allowed to play it or that it wasn't rated M (for the time). ( a guy gets his neck slit in the game and its live action!)
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I am going to simply this and note the first game I personally purchased with my first paycheck.

That being Mario Sunshine 8-)
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First game I ever owned was a hand me down. I got my older brothers NES with Super Mario Bros, Excitebike, Duck Hunt, Metroid, and I had a 30 in 1 cartridge. First I ever bought was Mega Man X on the SNES, still one of my favorite games!
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When I was really young the first thing we had was an NES with Mario/Duck Hunt, and then I think my parents got me my own Gameboy with Tetris.
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Super Mario 64. I got it when I was 2!
Aaaand then my mom sold my N64 when I was 5. I still haven't forgiven her. I'm joking of course. And I can't find a decently priced copy of SM64 anywhere now that I've got a working N64. Not joking there.
As for the first game I bought with my own money, possibly Metal Gear Solid 4, but my memory's spotty so it was probably something else.
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Hm. I think it was Doom tbh. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Bought our first PC in 96, and Doom with duke nukem 3D with it. And from there it goes)
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Cornish Geek Extraordinaire
First one was probably from the original Gameboy - it'll have either been Tetris or Super Mario Land. I loved that console.
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I got a handful simultaneously from my father when he gave us his old N64. 1080 Snowboarding, Ocarina of Time, Star Wars Racer, probably a couple of others less memorable to me. The first game I actually bought myself was Ratchet and Clank for the PS2.
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Mario 64 played that game constantly until the console broke
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Astrosmash, among other for the intelivision that my father had before I was born but that i could play anytime i wanted. As for games where it was mine exclusively Zelda: Link's awakening.
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