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Hero Of Oakvale
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Dec 21 2016, 03:36 PM
I usually keep this info in my Backloggery signature, but to specify, I'm usually playing one console game, one handheld, and Smash 4. As for what I'm doing in Smash, just constantly practicing with my characters. Whether it's different techniques, option selects, or just basic movement, I feel like there's always room for improvement.

Pokemon Moon, I've been playing very gradually. I have a full team and just got on the 3rd island. The amount of hand-holding in this game is pretty annoying though. What gets to me the most is how little room there is to explore. The game marks your destination on your map, implying that you can run around and explore elsewhere, but there's almost ALWAYS a blockade. It's kind of irritating.

As for Shadow of the Colossus, I'm working on hunting lizards with shiny tails. I found out that there's an item that reveals their locations, but it cannot be acquired unless I'm on a New Game+. I did not realize this until I was well over 70% through the game, so I don't want to stop in this file. But now, I have no clue where the last few lizards are, even with guides helping me out. If anyone tries to go for the Platinum Trophy of SotC, do NOT start it until you have access to New Game+. You have no idea how much pain you're saving yourself from.
Thank you for reminding me. I'm also playing pokemon sun
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What games are you playing that you aren't recording? · Community Banter

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