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Welcome to the Let's Play Sanctuary!

Welcome to the Let's Play Sanctuary! In the interest of keeping this a friendly, welcoming community, we have a few rules in place that we ask you to follow. We feel that they will help the community run smoother and prevent spam and unfriendliness.
Common sense should suffice, but here are all the details:

Be kind and respectful to the community

f you have a problem with a user, make sure to let them know first hand. If the problem still can't be resolved then contact an Admin/Moderator about the issue you are having. There is no need to retaliate in verbal abuse. If you have a problem with a Moderator or Admin, once again, let them know. All of the Mods here are open-minded and always on hand to help. I guarantee you we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue.

Let's Plays & You

We here at Let's Play Sanctuary pride ourselves on accepting all different kinds of LPs. Just because someone else LPs different than you does not mean that your way is the right way. Don't go posting spoilers on other LPer's threads. If they make a thread for a game, other people whom haven't played the game before may be looking at his LP to see what the game is like. They may run across your comment while looking for feedback for that particular LP. Don't ruin their day. Make use of your spoiler tags.


On Let's Play Sanctuary, we want new members to feel welcome in the community, and to also be a part of it. We only ask that when posting on the forum, that you consider if your post adds to the discussion you're replying too. Can't see a thread you're interested? Make on about something you care about, or find a topic that covers something you like - please don't simply respond to any particular thread to just up your post count. This will be considered spamming, and the post will be removed.

Ongoing Let's Plays & Archives

When you finish an LP, mark it as "Complete" in your thread title. Then post in this thread. If you're going on Hiatus for whatever reason, place "Hiatus" in your title so we can ensure the thread is kept in Ongoing for when you return. If you do neither, and after 6/7 months the thread is still in Ongoing, and not been marked, it will be automatically moved over to Abandoned. If you wish it to be moved back, PM a member of staff first and we'll arrange it to be moved back.

One Let's Play per thread - don't create multiple Let's Plays in a single thread, or post individual parts in dozens of separate threads. Also, don't promote your Let's Plays outside of the LP forum. If an instance of this is seen, you'll be PM'd the rules and issued a verbal warning. If it happens more than once, you'll be issued a warning and a time-out.

ROM Discussion & Piracy

Due to the Terms & Conditions of Zetaboards, we cannot allow the discussion of piracy on this forum. This goes for the discussion on ROMs, where to locate them or linking directly to sites that host it. Also, please don't plug anything illegal - use common sense, we don't wish to have the forum closed down over a piracy dispute.

Promoting Non-LP Content

Please don't shamelessly plug content - be it your own, or someone else's. This goes for everything from podcasts, to announcing game giveaways or charity events. At the end of the day, we are still a Let's Play forum. Stuff like creating chiptune music, Cosplay, drawings you want to share, etc; those are fine, that's what the Creativity Corner exists for.


No more than three posts in a row - if you're posting more than three times in one go, you'll be asked to cool it down. We don't want to look spammy. In regards to stream announcements, only announce *once* when you're streaming. Preferably either 5 to 10 minutes beforehand. Please don't continue to make reference to it - whether you're being subtle or not. You can also make a stream thread to announce to the community where and when exactly you'll be streaming.

Images, funny videos and links to video-game articles, etc, they're all fine and good. Please don't be posting links to either your streams, or Let's Play videos, or threads on the forum. People will find them.

Lastly, keep it drama free. If you have an issue with something taking place on the forum, PM the staff about it. Bringing forum problems or concerns into the Shoutbox is not the place for it, as it makes other members feel uncomfortable about posting.

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