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Regular Forum Community Announcements
Where you go to read about news happening to the site and also where we will post about contests in the future! Only Mods and Admin post beyond these walls, if you have a contest idea make sure to PM WarpedPixels or Raxby first.
Forum Rules & Guidelines May 31 2015, 07:14 PM, By WarpedPixels
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Regular Forum Community Events
A place to coordinate events for the LPS Community, examples include game nights, podcasts, and LPS centric streams.
Anime Book Club Today, 8:11 AM, By Raxby
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Subforums: Multiplayer Meet-Up
Regular Forum Introductions
Introduce yourself to us, and tell us how you got into this hobby.
New blood joins this earth A.KA Hello ever… 46 minutes ago, By Balious
2 viewers Topics: 875 Replies: 8,703

Community Discussion

Regular Forum Community Banter
Discuss anything you want here, from TV shows to video games, sports you're into or books you're reading - anything goes, just keep it friendly and civil. Also, no discussions on Let's Plays.
Anime/Manga Discussion Thread Today, 7:08 AM, By Balious
2 viewers Topics: 475 Replies: 5,627
Regular Forum Forum Games
A place to post Forum Games and interact with one another, just a place to have fun!
Corrupt A Wish 3 minutes ago, By Pokemonsoulfreak211
0 viewers Topics: 26 Replies: 1,986
Regular Forum Tech Corner
A forum to bring your technology related questions for us to help you answer.
Recording Software? Today, 3:26 AM, By Raxby
3 viewers Topics: 188 Replies: 1,002
Regular Forum Creativity Corner
Submit your custom banners, thumbnails, general artwork.
Banner Thoughts? Today, 9:02 AM, By RatedEmForMature
0 viewers Topics: 150 Replies: 582
Subforums: Artistic Request, Writers Corner

Let's Plays and Streams

Regular Forum On-going Let's Plays
A place for you to post your current Let's Plays! New topics have to be approved by a staff member before appearing.
Let's Play Resident Evil Remake... The new… 21 minutes ago, By Bipolarb0b
2 viewers Topics: 1,838 Replies: 12,385
Subforums: Completed, Abandoned
Regular Forum Live Stream Channels
Post your own thread with a link to your channel and tell us what you're all about and what we can expect on your channel. New topics have to be approved by a staff member before appearing.
Pokemon Streams! Today, 7:16 AM, By Pokemonsoulfreak211
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Let's Play & Live Stream Discussion
Talk about anything Let's Play or Live Stream related here! Whether it be questions, LPers you are interested in, or what games you would love to LP or stream. It's all fair game here. New topics have to be approved by a staff member before appearing.
MCNs 14 minutes ago, By GameOverBros
7 viewers Topics: 650 Replies: 7,048
Regular Forum Let's Play Feedback
A forum for you to post your best work and have other members give you advice. Constructive criticism only! New topics have to be approved by a staff member before appearing.
Feed Back on Dark Souls II SotFS LP Today, 3:03 AM, By SlaveBag
5 viewers Topics: 734 Replies: 2,694
Regular Forum Let's Play Collaboration
In this forum you can make threads asking for assistance in finding people for collaboration projects. New topics have to be approved by a staff member before appearing.
Gmod collab anyone? 5 minutes ago, By Bipolarb0b
3 viewers Topics: 137 Replies: 825


  • Today, 1:05 PM
    Bipolarb0b: Sorry to hear that mate, better luck next time
  • Today, 11:27 AM
    Pokemonsoulfreak211: Stream was a bust.
  • Today, 11:00 AM
    SirCoffeeKnight: Hello my friends, back so soon again? It seems to me that you like our community XD HEY everyone o/
  • Today, 10:57 AM
    Pokemonsoulfreak211: Gonna be starting the stream! Hop on by from my topic.
  • Today, 9:59 AM
    Pokemonsoulfreak211: Um, my edit button is missing.
  • Today, 8:14 AM
    FEZeldalord12345: Hmm. It just feels weird not having a resting place in a town.
  • Today, 8:10 AM
    Pokemonsoulfreak211: TO my knowledge there are no inns but there might be an alternate way to heal but I'm not sure.
  • Today, 8:07 AM
    FEZeldalord12345: Oh yeah, are there any Inns in Superstar Saga, or can you only heal through items?
  • Today, 8:04 AM
    Pokemonsoulfreak211: I can see your point of view on that. It won't appeal to everyone but it still is an interesting game, even if it is short.
  • Today, 8:02 AM
    FEZeldalord12345: The concept doesn't appeal to me.

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