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Welcome to the Let's Play Sanctuary!

The Rules
Welcome to the Let's Play Sanctuary! In the interest of keeping this a friendly, welcoming community, we have a few rules in place that we ask you to follow. We feel that they will help the community run smoother and prevent spam and unfriendliness.
Common sense should suffice, but here are all the details:

Be kind and respectful to the community

If you have a problem with a user, make sure to let them know first hand. If the problem still can't be resolved then contact an Admin/Moderator about the issue you are having. There is no need to retaliate in verbal abuse. If you have a problem with a Moderator or Admin, once again, let them know. All of the Mods here are open-minded and always on hand to help. I guarantee you we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue.

ROM Discussion & Piracy

Due to the Terms & Conditions of Zetaboards, we cannot allow the discussion of piracy on this forum. This goes for the discussion on ROMs, where to locate them or linking directly to sites that host it. Also, please don't plug anything illegal - use common sense, we don't wish to have the forum closed down over a piracy dispute.

Promoting Content

Please don't shamelessly plug content - be it your own, or someone else's. You can share your let's plays in the designated subforum or your signature. Stuff like creating chiptune music, Cosplay, drawings you want to share, etc; those are fine, that's what the Creativity Corner exists for.

The rules are there for a reason, and we want to make sure you follow them. If it is clear that you did not read the rules regarding something such as making a topic, replying, or any of our previous rules you may be punished depending on the circumstances and the severity of what has happened.

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